antFarm – The data movement solution


Lift ‘n’ shift data from 100+ on-premise tables to the target destination

antFarm is a lift ‘n’ shift data migration solution that supports both cloud and on-premises data sources. For this reason, it is opening paths to IT modernization by bringing in various benefits, including reduced costs, improved performance and the resiliency of cloud architecture.

Most vendors are focused on cloud-to-cloud data synchronization. Then again, most of the enterprise data workloads (90%) are still on-premises. Extracting data from on-premises sources is addressed with many challenges, such as:

  • Limited and short time frames in which data can be accessed and extracted because operational systems are performance sensitive.
  • On-premises applications generate enormous quantities of data on a daily or even hourly basis.
  • Each data source has its own specifics, e.g. IBM DB2 mainframe, SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Security related challenges for accessing the data, e.g. VPN are very common.

antFarm solves many challenges of quickly reading data sources and generating files that are optimized for the fastest data load.

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