Agility as a response to the energy crisis.

Smooth sailing for energy retail and distribution companies in a time of greatest uncertainty.

Prices are soaring

As prices for energy sources rise, national policies are starting to increasingly protect consumers. Energy retailers and distributors are usually to draw the shortest straw:

  • Overnight, new regulations were enacted that restrict the passing of high energy prices to customers, companies need to bear the loss.
  • Governments exempting citizens from paying energy duty taxes force distribution companies to reduce their operating costs.

Energy companies are competing today in increasingly fast changing environment.

And with market demand and prices changing by the hour, most have come to realize that the ability to adjust plans and forecasts in real time has become a necessity.

It's now more than ever that energy retailers and distributors need to know how to use data to their own advantage. Fragmented reports from across different departments are a thing of the past because they are costly and take too much time and effort. And with prices, regulations, and demand changing from one second to the next, they - perhaps more than anyone else - need their insights on the fly.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Do you know how best to respond to ever-changing market conditions?

Distributors are juggling between reducing operating costs, such as new investments in digitalization, green energy projects to reduce carbon emissions, building infrastructure to meet the growing demand for e-mobility, maintaining existing distribution networks and new distribution networks to meet electricity demand, increased grid security needs, etc.

Energy trading companies are hit by regulating energy prices, forcing them to cut costs to reduce losses as they are not allowed to sell energy based on market prices.

  • Quickly update plans and forecasts in response to new threats and opportunities
  • Identify and analyse the impact of changes as they occur
  • Strengthen the links between operational and financial plans
  • Improve communication and collaboration among plan contributors
  • Analyse variances and deviations from plans and promptly take corrective action
  • Consistently deliver timely, reliable plans and forecasts, plus contingency plans for a range of possible events
  • Create a range of different scenarios to facilitate adaptation to change and market response.
  • Assess the impact of plan changes on people, facilities, assets, and procedures when the plan is changed.
  • Providing trusted outcomes that bring plan changes for better decision making across the organisational level.
One model – a tailored fit.

planErgy 5.16

Solution built on finest IBM technology that covers all aspects of performance management


Built on top of IBM Planning Analytics, planErgy 5.16 covers all operational business areas of any company in energy industry and speeds up the process of planning throughout the organization.

It supports easily scalable models and flexible deployment for any organization in energy industry, AI-infused planning values based on a different prediction model, collaboration across the whole organization, reporting, dashboards and organized planning process.


Planning Analytics empowers users with forecasting skills.

The solution covers different types of scenarios based on a customer planning approach. Owners of the planning process are able to define a number of planning cycles depending on business needs.

Our approach allows automatic or semi-automatic connectivity and dataflow between different business areas. Changes made in one module will automatically transfer data and recalculate KPIs throughout the whole solution.


Because of a consistent data flow between all areas, users are able to instantly see and report changes, threats and opportunities at any level of an organization.

Reporting on top of planning a solution can be set in three different ways:

  • Cognos Analytics
  • PAX = Planning Analytics for MS Excel
  • PAW = Planning Analytics Workspace

All three interfaces allow us to use an existing model as a source for a dashboards and ad-hoc reporting. We support standard and mobile/tablet dashboards.

In516ht & IBM

Proud of the multiple awards we received from our strategic partner, such as “Best Teaming IBM Business Analytics Partner in CEE”, “IBM Business Analytics Excellence Award” and “Best Performing IBM Business Partner”.

Our solutions connect all aspects of planning and integrate reporting and predictive analytics into the planning process. Our methodology delivers faster results and minimizes risk.

IBM Planning Analytics

Speed, agility and insight is the trinity packed into a single package

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