Your Analytics Partner and Trusted Advisor

Data is and has always been at the core of everything we do. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully completed over 150 projects, both domestically and globally, and across a wide range of industries.

We know how to do the heavy lifting to build a solid data foundation

We are highly experienced in implementation both simple and complex data warehouse and data lake solutions, including international multi-company instances with numerous internal and external data sources on different technologies, such as Snowflake, IBM Integrated Analytics Systems (Netezza), Oracle Exadata and Microsoft SQL.

We know how to sculpture the data and develop advanced analytics capabilities

Based on numerous and diverse business intelligence and data science projects, we know how to discover and interpret meaningful data patterns and how to apply them towards effective decision making.

End-to-End Analytics Solution

We get you covered through all of the steps of an analytics journey. From integrating and consolidating data from disparate sources, implementing the modern data warehouse architecture to helping you make most out of your data.




by Use Case Data Warehouse Modernisation

Data Warehouse Modernisation

Many existing data systems need a makeover to support new business needs, implement data governance and become more agile.

We design and implement data warehouse solutions in a scheme that best fits to the client’s requirements and is at the same time easily scalable in order to support new analytical needs.



  • Providing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Delivering better-quality insights for real-time decision-making.
  • Providing high query performance to support complex analytical applications.
  • Enabling easy access to any analytics tools, business applications or user.


A central repository of integrated and consolidated data from disparate sources for data analysis and reporting.


Repository of semi-structured and unstructured data that serves as a strong data foundation for data scientists.

Data Integration Framework

Data ingestion and data integration framework with metadata-driven architecture that automate the ETL / ELT process.


A data life cycle that includes where the data originates and what happens to data as it travels through different transformations.

Sophisticated Impact Analysis

Identification of the consequences of new enhancements on the current implementation within seconds.

Custom Analytical Hierarchies

Management of custom analytical hierarchies for different business needs that are unavailable in source systems.


We can provide a pragmatic step-by-step plan and ensure a modern approach to solving complex data integration

DataMerlin is a platform composed of proven methodology, built-in technical expertise, best practices and tools that automate the ETL / ELT process as much as possible.

Backed by 15 years of experience and more than 100 projects of data warehouse implementations, both domestically and globally and across a wide range of industries, our solution encapsulates everything we've learnt along the way.

By combining the power of automation with a metadata-driven approach, we can significantly reduce delivery time, costs, and risks and achieve greater efficiency and higher consistency of your data warehousing project.

Data Warehouse to Cloud Migration

Why Cloud Platform?

There are many reasons why organisations decide to migrate their data to the cloud environment, including:

  • Overspending on hardware and software license fees for on-premise solutions and databases.
  • No support for unstructured and semi-structured data, big data analytics and real-time business operations.
  • Current infrastructure is at maximum capacity and cannot be scaled up any more or only at a very high cost.
  • ETL / ELT development takes months, which is far too long to meet business requirements.
  • On-premises infrastructure requires heavy-duty maintenance and performance tuning activities.


Migrating your existing data system from an on-premises legacy technology to a cloud environment can be a very risky, challenging, time consuming and complex process because you may need to rewrite the code for the ETL processes, reformat the data to fit the target and optimize it for the new platform.


As one of the leading European partners with multiple successful implementations and more than 20 certified Snowflake consultants, we can bring your data warehouse to the cloud with minimum risk.

Our platform leverages full ETL / ELT automation so that the migration time and costs can be reduced by factors and time-to-cloud shortened from months or years to only days.

Managed Analytics Service

Speed Up Time-to-Value and Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Datarchy is our fully managed cloud analytics solution, built on best-of-breed technologies that can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization — with no programming necessary.

Datarchy is based on the Snowflake data warehouse, best in class data integration process and methodology, embedded modern data visualisation platform and Databricks for running different predictive models. All components run on Microsoft Azure, leveraging all the benefits of the cloud platform.

Any data source of any size can be easily brought in and any analytics tool or business application can be easily connected to access the Snowflake data repository.

If you need an end-to-end solution, our team of data experts is at your disposal to help you create sophisticated interactive dashboards based on Tableau or to implement various data science and machine learning applications.

To save time and get outcomes quickly, you can start with our best practice templates for different industry specific dashboards or predictive analytics use cases.


High performance


Big Data Capabilities

Zero Maintenance

Reliability and Accessibility

Who is Managed Service for?

Businesses should focus on analysing, not integrating data, because every hour spent on managing your data infrastructure is an hour not spent on what you do best. That’s why Datarchy is the perfect choice for organisations that: 

Would like to leverage the best of both worlds by concentrating on their core business strategy and leaving data and analytics services to outsourced experts.

Would like to have a peace of mind in the safety, management and maintenance of their data and analytics environment.

Don’t’ want to overspend on hardware and software license fees for on-premise solutions and databases.

Have an absence of skilled data engineers and analysts or need guidance on how to make the most value out of their data.


With our fully managed end-to-end service, we get you covered through all of the steps of a modern analytics platform, without worrying about data integration, infrastructure and performance tuning.

Shorten the time-to-cloud from months or years to only days or weeks.

Automate the data processing flow from any internal or external sources.

Save overheads and time spent to collect and manipulate data and tune infrastructure.

Greater Efficiency

Data and analytics have been our core business from day one, thus we always keep up with the latest technology and possess the methodology and tools that help us automate processes and reduce development time.

Lower Cost

We have the scale, resources with technical skills, wide industry knowledge and rich experience to be more cost effective.

Minimal Risk

No worrying that key subject-matter experts or technical developers will leave your company. We have a team of data experts that is always at your disposal.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

We help businesses drive analytics innovation by implementing a bimodal approach.

Each company must balance the application of emerging technologies for advanced analytics and data exploration with the fulfilment of conventional reporting needs

By taking a bimodal approach, companies can speed up analytics innovation and increase their business impact.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We have been solving complex analytical questions in different industries, from insurance and banking to telecommunications and retail, for over 15 years.

A combination of rich experience in building predictive models and in-depth understanding of various business and industry needs makes us the perfect partner for your next data science project because we can speed up data preparation and the development process.

Whether you would like to identify emerging trends before they happen, fine-tune operational processes, predict asset failure probability to avoid costly downtime, or answer questions like “What additional products are customers most likely to buy?”, “Which prospects are most likely to become our new customers?” or “Which subscribers are most likely to leave?”, we are here to help.

  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell propensity
  • Next best offer
  • Churn prediction
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Price and discount optimisation
  • What-if analysis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Fraud detection and prediction
  • Personalised offers
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Social networks analytics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cognitive and natural language processing
  • Image recognition

Data Visualisation, Analytics and Reporting

We have been implementing different business intelligence tools such as IBM Cognos Analytics and Tableau since day one.

Our consultants have a proven track record in delivering large-scale projects in the region (1000+ users), possess strong business know-how and in-depth technical expertise and excel in visual storytelling and creating a true business intelligence journey.

  • 360-degree views of the business
  • Executive dashboards with smart interactive visualisations that help people see and process large amounts of data quickly
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Standardization of corporate reporting
  • Development of advanced libraries as an extension of the analytics platform
  • Mentoring when it comes to data visualisation best practices
  • Tableau training
  • IBM Cognos Analytics training

Financial Performance Solutions

With more than 20 successful IBM Planning Analytics implementations under our belt, we are known as FP&A experts.

Our solutions encompass all the processes and technologies your organisation needs in order to transform budgeting, forecasting and reporting frameworks.

During the last 15 years we have gained strong business know-how and developed a methodology that delivers results faster and with minimum risk. With this in mind, our planning solution focuses on:

  • Using real business drivers
  • Integrated model, with no re-engineering
  • Workflows with clearly defined responsibilities for each user
  • Automation of maintenance tasks
  • Making it easy to understand

Our solutions connect all aspects of planning (from sales, supply chain and finance to workforce, marketing and IT) and integrate reporting and predictive analytics into the planning process. This way organisations can make much better business decisions.

Snowflake Data Warehouse

Snowflake is the only data warehouse built for the cloud from the ground up. It delivers high performance, simplicity and affordability. Its unique features make it the perfect solution for both your enterprise data warehouse and data lake solutions.


Compelling performance and operational efficiency

Snowflake processes reports and analytics at lightning speed because its columnar database engine uses advanced optimizations to efficiently crunch data.

Dynamic elasticity capabilities

Snowflake’s modern cloud architecture is built around the separation of resources, which allows it to scale effectively and efficiently (scale up and down on-the-fly, without downtime or disruption) in response to mixed and dynamic workloads.

Pay only for what you use

It’s usage-based pricing for compute and storage allows you to pay only for the amount of data stored and the amount of processing performed. You will get rid of all big upfront costs, over-provisioned systems, or idle clusters consuming money.

Zero management and maintenance

Snowflake eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional data warehouses and big data platforms - no infrastructure to manage and no knobs to tune. Services are maintained solely by the cloud service provider.

Diverse data and big data capabilities

Snowflake’s patented technology natively loads and optimizes both structured and unstructured data such as JSON, Avro, or XML and makes it available via SQL without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Secure Data Sharing

Companies can instantly and securely share governed data both inside and outside their organization without copying, transferring or manually transforming data and can even monetize parts of their data through external data sharing to create new revenue streams.

Customer experience

Snowflake was placed as a leader among the top of the vendors in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions. Users praised the product capabilities, value for money, pricing and contract flexibility, and overall ease of deployment.

Reap the Benefits of Snowflake Sooner

Whether you are building a new data system or migrating an existing data warehouse to a cloud, our certified Snowflake engineers can help you speed up implementation time without worrying about data integration, infrastructure and performance tuning.

With our partnership your organization will able:

  • To shorten the time-to-cloud from months or years to only days.
  • To automate the data processing flow from any internal or external sources.
  • To save overheads and time spent to collect and manipulate data and tune infrastructure.


See tutorials, product presentations, funny videos, and more.

Snowflake YouTube channel

Snowflake Test Drive

Still having doubts? Arrange a risk-free test drive and try running queries against your own data inside Snowflake to measure performance improvement.

What is included?

  • 400 USD credit for Snowflake
  • 3 man-days of our services

How does it work?

Tableau Data Visualisation

Tableau is the most popular and user-friendly data visualization tool that helps people explore, see and understand their data quickly, easily and meaningfully.


Fast Analytics

Connect and visualize your data in minutes. Tableau is 10- to 100-times faster than other existing solutions.

User Friendliness

Analyse data with an intuitive drag and drop feature that anyone can use. No programming, just insight.

Big Data, Any Data

From spreadsheets and databases to cloud services, you can explore any data regardless of where it is stored.

Smart Dashboards

Combine multiple views of data to get a richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.


Easily convert your geographical data into maps and sophisticated charts that are easy to understand.


Share insights quickly and effectively and use data governance to make sure that the right people see the right data.

Our Offering

Dashboard Development

Based on our rich experience, combined with in-depth business and industry-specific know-how, we can help you to design and build intuitive and meaningful dashboards based on relevant metrics and scorecards that take people on a journey. These range from executive dashboards representing the big picture of relevant strategic KPIs to more detailed reports with deeper insight available through drill-down.

Tableau Mentoring

If you are already using Tableau, one of our certified experts can work with a small group of Tableau users at your organization to share best practices and tips and tricks on how to develop meaningful data visualizations.

If you need a subject matter expert in Tableau, our consultants can help you with a dashboard design review or address the dashboard performance challenge.

End-user Adoption and Training

We organise different courses, like Tableau for beginners, Tableau for advanced users, Best practices for developing visual analytics with Tableau and custom workshops tailored to your organisation's needs.

Tableau User Group Slovenia

We host the Tableau User Group Slovenia, because we believe in sharing information and spreading knowledge. You are welcomed to join our:

  • online community where we share Tableau tips and
  • quarterly TUG gathering over beer and pizza

Data Integration and Preparation

Data integration is what we do best. With a proven data integration methodology, best modelling practices and advanced tools that speed up the ETL process by factors, we have the capabilities to prepare data for any business intelligence or data mining case.

Expertise Data Warehouse Modernisation

More Information

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maximize your investment in Tableau.


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Tableau YouTube channel

IBM Analytics

We are proud of the fact that we can substantiate our competence with multiple awards we received from our strategic partner. This includes awards such as “Best Teaming IBM Business Analytics Partner in CEE”, “IBM Business Analytics Excellence Award” and “Best Performing IBM Business Partner”.

Your IBM Analytics Partner and Trusted Advisor

Cognos Analytics Competencies

  • For more than 15 years, we have been implementing IBM Cognos Analytics.
  • We have a proven track record in delivering large-scale projects in the region (1000+ users).
  • Our consultants possess strong business know-how and technical expertise and excel in data visualisation.
  • We have been the official trainers of IBM Cognos solutions since 2004.

Planning Analytics Competencies

  • We are known as the FP&A experts with more than 20 successful Planning Analytics implementations under our belt.
  • We have strong business know-how and a methodology that delivers results faster and with minimum risk
  • Our solutions connect all aspects of planning and integrate reporting and predictive analytics into the planning process.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Competencies

  • Our consultants have expert knowledge of the IBM SPSS Modeler, R, Python and IBM Watson Studio and over 15 years of experience in building predictive models.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of various business and industry needs ranging from insurance, banking and telecommunications to retail.
  • We have several successfully completed projects under our belt, from customer churn, behaviour analysis and next best offer to market basket analysis, discount optimization and social network analysis.

Data Warehouse Industry Solutions

  • We are one of the few European IBM Business Partners that have implemented multiple IBM Industry Data Warehouse Models for insurance, banking and retail.
  • We have a long history. Before the implementations of IBM Integrated Analytics System, we were one of the first partners implementing IBM Netezza.
  • Our consultants possess diverse modelling skills, i.e. Kimball, Super-Sub Type, Anchor, Data Vault
  • We have developed a proven data integration methodology and advanced tools such as DataMerlin (data warehouse automation platform) to speed up the ETL / ELT process.