by Use Case Data Warehouse to Cloud Migration

Data Warehouse to Cloud Migration

Why Cloud Platform?

There are many reasons why organisations decide to migrate their data to the cloud environment, including:

  • Overspending on hardware and software license fees for on-premise solutions and databases.
  • No support for unstructured and semi-structured data, big data analytics and real-time business operations.
  • Current infrastructure is at maximum capacity and cannot be scaled up any more or only at a very high cost.
  • ETL / ELT development takes months, which is far too long to meet business requirements.
  • On-premises infrastructure requires heavy-duty maintenance and performance tuning activities.


Migrating your existing data system from an on-premises legacy technology to a cloud environment can be a very risky, challenging, time consuming and complex process because you may need to rewrite the code for the ETL processes, reformat the data to fit the target and optimize it for the new platform.


As one of the leading European partners with multiple successful implementations and more than 20 certified Snowflake consultants, we can bring your data warehouse to the cloud with minimum risk.

Our platform leverages full ETL / ELT automation so that the migration time and costs can be reduced by factors and time-to-cloud shortened from months or years to only days.