Analyze your data by any business-relevant categorization

Codify is a lightweight and user-friendly application to manage analytical attributes, classifications and hierarchies not available in the core systems. It supports the decision-making process by empowering each business department to analyze data by categories most relevant to them.

Why have we developed Codify?

Organisations usually establish the need for master data management when they hold more than one copy of data about a business entity. Holding more than one copy of this master data inherently means that there is an inefficiency in maintaining a “single version of the truth” across all copies.

Traditional approaches without an analytical tool for master data management often result in the need to repeat long development cycles over and over again when business rules change over dimensions. This can be avoided with the help of such a tool by involving business users in the dynamics of construction and development of analytical components.

The goal of the solution is to enable data administrators to manage all key analytics data in one place, by building any custom entities and thus replacing all MS Excel or other data files and reference tables.

Codify is a master data management solution that was designed for business users with the goal of managing master data with minimal involvement of the IT department. It features a fast and easy-to-use modern web interface for entering and editing data. 

Codify features and advantages

  • Creating simple or picklist (lookup) attributes
  • Creating entities based on attributes and / or other entities
  • Creating arbitrary hierarchies
  • Creating link / reference tables
  • Ability to import data from existing MS Excel or CSV sources
  • Import / export data using files / REST APIs / databases for ETL integration purposes
  • Versioning and validating attributes and entities
  • Revision of changes and the possibility of rollback to a previous state
  • Data governance with the ability to add descriptions and labels
  • Multi-company support

You can also build any kind of financial statement based on your criteria. Each Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet statement can include multiple rules on how to set up general ledger accounts. This can be done by setting up one or multiple attributes added to each of the statement lines. With Codify business users can set up their account mappings and BI/DWH team can dynamically build the required statements in their favourite BI tool.