100% code conversion to Snowflake
within fixed budget and timeline.

Addressing Your Migration Challenges

Is there a way to shorten the lengthy duration of the migration process?

Not all of our existing code can be converted automatically; how can we work around this?

How can we ensure data integrity during and after the

What strategies can we use to ensure flawless code

What is the estimated total cost of this migration and how can we manage it efficiently?

Can we get adequate support to train our team for the newly converted code?

How can we deal with any performance issues that may arise after the code is migrated?

Our offering

Code Conversion Platform + Seasoned Team + Expertise + Flexible Team Set-Up =

Fixed Budget and Delivery Timeline

Fully managed code conversion

Team structure
Executed by In516ht
  • Our team is responsible for the code conversion and PM activities, deployment to DEV and UAT environment, as well as technical and data testing.
  • Client is responsible for the final business test and deployment to production.

Project example

Oracle Exadata migration

  • Aprox. 950 views
  • 250 procedures
  • 50 functions
  • 50 packages

Estimated costs / time

200K USD

 / 4 months

Hybrid approach

Team structure
In516ht + client’s team
  • Our team is responsible for the code conversion, PM activities and technical tests.
  • Client's team deploys to the UAT environment, conducts data testing and deployment to production and manages the whole project.

Project example

Microsoft SQL migration

  • Aprox. 450 views
  • Custom SQL, 670 procedures

Estimated costs / time

175K USD

 / 5 months

Customer managed code conversion

Team structure
Client's team (+ existing partner) + In516ht
  • Your team executes the whole code conversion process using our Parsaur platform. Team identifies potential missing patterns or other conversion issues.
  • Our team adds new patterns and supports team for using our platform.
  • The whole testing and deployment is done by client's team or external partner.

Project example

Vertica migration

  • Aprox. 3000 SQL scripts

Estimated costs / time


 / 6 months

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