Confluent Cloud is fully managed, cloud-native event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka®. Built and operated by the original creators of Kafka, Confluent Cloud provides a simple, scalable, resilient, and secure event streaming platform.

Confluent provides an enterprise-ready Event Streaming Platform, driving a new paradigm for application and data infrastructure. With Confluent Platform you can leverage data as a continually updating stream of events rather than as discrete snapshots. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 leverage event streaming – and the majority of those leverage Confluent Platform. Confluent provides a single platform for real-time and historical events, enabling you to build an entirely new category of event-driven applications and gain a universal event pipeline.

Confluent Platform makes it easy to build real-time data pipelines and streaming applications by integrating data from multiple sources and locations into a single, central Event Streaming Platform for your company. Confluent Platform lets you focus on how to derive business value from your data rather than worrying about the underlying mechanics such as how data is being transported or massaged between various systems. Specifically, Confluent Platform simplifies connecting data sources to Kafka, building applications with Kafka, as well as securing, monitoring, and managing your Kafka infrastructure.