Our Culture

Here at In516ht, we are all committed to co-creating a pleasant and relaxed environment where each individual can express their full potential. And you can feel it as soon as you step through the doors of the company.

It is of great importance to us that every individual feels accepted. This is the only way that an honest and open communication can truly flow. We build our culture every day, with every gaze, greeting and question: “How are you?”. This is not something that is taken for granted, but rather something we consciously build together in a way that makes us feel good.

We are committed to a responsible approach to work and know how to rejoice and sincerely congratulate each other upon joint or individual successes. All of us from In516ht are all of this and more.

Our Mindset


your mind, our solutions, customer problems, existing work, etc.


find solutions, elegant, simple, innovate, remove complexity, try to make everything better.


solve it with a sense of playfulness, be professional, but have fun and play.


do not wait for others, just go and do it, be pro-active, self aware, etc.

Our Values

Growth & Development

We strengthen the expertise that guides us in the preparation and argumentation of the solution. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge from various professional areas, thus improving ourselves personally and professionally.

We have a smooth onboarding process, a supported mentoring approach, internal training and education. The individual’s development plan is based not only on needs, but also on that individual’s wishes and is supported by the company.

Honesty & Open Communication

Together, we create an environment in which interlocutors can honestly express their views, challenges and ideas. We like to brainstorm together, encourage one other and give each other constructive feedback.

Cooperation & Respect

We are aware that an individual achieves a lot, but together we achieve even more! We work in a collaborative, collegial manner, share our knowledge and contribute to respectful interpersonal relationships.

We take care of each other, but at the same time we also have informal get-togethers where we bond even more. Hikes in the hills, trips, playing board games, Wednesday sport recreation or simply a relaxed chat.

Responsibility & Reliability

During interpersonal relationships and at work, we proceed from trust, because we believe in the goodness of people. We stick to what we say.

At In516ht, we live and breathe values.