Your past and future in one place

It is certainly nice to live in the moment but in business we all know that’s not how the smart ones do it. You need to know what happened in the past so you can learn from it. You need to know where you’re going so you can stretch and grow. Only then can your decisions be based on the full picture and not assumptions or gut instincts. Own your past and future and respond to any given moment in time, no matter how unsettling it would be, with confidence.

Get a picture-perfect view from any angle of your business

Assuming your data is neatly organized (if you’re not there yet, you might want to think about data management first), we can finally start playing around. Understanding your business challenges is key here, as it guides us in the search for the right kind of data. Depth of industry know-how helps us interpret your meaningful data patterns and apply them toward effective decision making. Step by step, the term ‘360-degree view of your business’ starts to have a meaning.

A story to tell: when your data starts to speak

Let your data communicate by expressing its visual side through interactive dashboards that will take you on a journey. From the executive dashboards representing the big picture through relevant strategic KPIs and scorecards to more detailed reports with deeper insight available through drill-down, digging as deep as you’d need it. Besides corporate, we feel at home with regulatory reporting as well. Our consultants excel in visual storytelling and will add just the right amount of wisdom, psychology and colours so you can realize the power of effective and informative data storytelling.

At In516ht, we are building a true business intelligence journey for our customers and we have a proven track record in delivering large-scale projects (1000+ users).

Tableau is the most popular and user-friendly data visualization tool that helps you explore, see and understand your data quickly, easily and meaningfully. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations and share with a click.

If you are already using Tableau one of our certified experts can work with a small group of Tableau users at your organization to share best practices and tips and tricks on how to develop meaningful data visualizations.

If you need a subject matter expert in Tableau, our consultants can help you with a dashboard design review or address the dashboard performance challenge.


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We use Tableau to compile both the weekly and monthly sales reports. We can easily view all three business points in the same place → the macro overview of offers, the macro overview of signed deals and the macro overview of actual revenue. Tableau is just one of the systems we use for our reports. It makes an overview across practically all existing dimensions of our business possible while offering quite a few customisation options and visual overviews. We have now also introduced the Daily Sales Report of our main products in Tableau. This enables us to daily and automatically forward our own personally envisioned and constructed reports to top management, which significantly simplifies navigation and quick business decisions. Regarding our choice for Tableau, we have come to the conclusion that from among all that was on offer this is the best solution for us at the moment, especially from the viewpoint of agility and quick integration.

Ermin Kotorić, Head of Business Controlling at Trimo

What about the future?

The planning process is a complex effort. Predictions have never been so crucial. Current global instability brings challenges of planning and forecasting processes, such as:

  • Ongoing scenario development
  • Lack of confidence in future projections
  • Urgent need for decisions and courses of action
  • Unclear decision-making framework and ambiguous criteria or triggers for contingencies
  • Excessive and resource-consume manual iteration

All these challenges are bringing in a new way when it comes to planning approach. Previous practice, where organizations began their planning process by setting up strategic guidance, translating it to targets and spreading them to business units has changed. It is time to think in scenarios.

You can now save yourself months by automating your planning processes and connecting all its aspects to get a unified view of your business.

By bringing industry, business and technology know-how together, we’ve managed to develop a number of different industry solutions for banking, telco, retail and energy.

This way, our customers don’t need to start their project from the beginning but rather gain a head start by leveraging best practices, pre-packed in our industry models.

Simulate different scenarios on the fly, forecast your future and be prepared for whatever the future holds out for you.