Snowflake, the Data Cloud

At In516ht, our strategic focus for the last years is on the modernization of existing data platforms with a cloud-first strategy. So, we devoted a lot of time to establish and optimize the best practice approach for development, modernization, and migration projects on Snowflake Data Cloud.

As such we are the first and, at the moment of writing, the only company in CEE EU region to become a Snowflake Premier Services partner. To top that, we also have Snowflake’s Person Of the Year Award for CEE EU region (2019, our CEO Grega Jerkič).

With multiple successful implementations and more than 20 certified Snowflake consultants, we can bring your data warehouse to the cloud with minimum risk.

Snowflake Data Cloud was built from the ground up for the cloud and as such revolutionized the data warehousing world.

It delivers high performance, simplicity, flexibility and affordability. Its unique features make it the perfect solution for both your enterprise data warehouse and data lake solutions.

With Snowflake, you can easily unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data in secure, governed, and compliant ways. Achieve all of these benefits via a single and seamless data experience that unites multiple clouds and their geographic regions.

Snowflake processes reports and analytics at lightning speed as its modern cloud architecture is built around the separation of resources, which allows it to scale effectively and efficiently. Its usage-based pricing for compute and storage allows you to get rid of the big upfront costs. Snowflake’s patented technology natively loads and optimizes both structured and unstructured data such as JSON, Avro, or XML and makes it available via SQL without sacrificing performance or flexibility. Those qualities are making it as well a great choice for data science projects.

Companies can instantly and securely share governed data both inside and outside of their organization without copying, transferring or manually transforming data and can even monetize parts of their data through external data sharing to create new revenue streams.

Snowflake was placed as a leader among the top of the vendors in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions. Users praised the product capabilities, value for money, pricing and contract flexibility, and overall ease of deployment.