Fully migrate your code to Snowflake within a given budget and timeframe. Since 2017, we have effectively completed countless migrations using Parsaur, our experienced team, and proven methodologies.

While not all source code can be seamlessly migrated, we ensure success with a fixed-cost approach and a flexible team structure tailored to your unique needs.

Parsaur features

Efficiency and Speed

Migrate your code to Snowflake quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary tool, Parsaur, combined with our experienced team allows us to execute migrations in record time, saving you up to 75% in time and operational costs.


Our fixed-cost approach ensures that there are no financial surprises during your migration. We deliver a high-quality service within your budget, providing you cost predictability and peace of mind.

Expert Team

Leverage the expertise of our team, which has successfully executed numerous migrations since 2017. With our team’s extensive experience, we understand the intricacies and challenges of migration and ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Flexible and Adaptable

While each migration is unique and not all source code can be seamlessly migrated, our flexible team and proven methodologies ensure we can adapt and address the specific needs of your project.

Business Continuity

We ensure business continuity during your migration. Our team minimizes disruption so your business operations can continue as usual during the migration process.

Data Integrity

The integrity of your data is our priority. We make sure your data is transferred securely during the migration so you do not have to worry.

Comprehensive Solution

We offer a comprehensive solution for your migration needs. From using our own tool, Parsaur, to having a flexible and skilled team to perform the migration, we ensure a seamless transition to Snowflake.