What is the idea behind Competence Centers (CC)?

Competence centers represent our treasure of knowledge. In addition to our proven track record, they are the reason why our clients trust our expertise. Our biggest competitive advantage.

All the knowledge and experiences we gained over the last two decades in hundreds of data and analytics projects are bundled in five CCs. Competence centres are collaborative, knowledge-based entities connecting our most senior experts. Our first CC is resourced with business specialists that have a strong industry background – from banking and insurance to telco and energy. To be able to solve analytical problems at the highest level, we believe it is important that we employ people coming from your industries who understand your business and the challenges you are facing.

To make sure we cover all important analytical areas, we have the other four CCs focused on technology and methodologies, divided into areas of data warehousing, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and planning.

Each CC is empowered to create and assure the highest quality standard within the entity and on all our projects. For example, they:

  • follow the latest trends and make sure we are always up to date with the latest advancements
  • research, develop and share proven methodologies (for project management, functional specification, DWH modelling, data integration, dashboard development)
  • collect, encourage and share best practices and solutions for different analytical challenges
  • are responsible for QA on the projects

The most important thing is the synergy we get because of strong collaboration and knowledge sharing between all CCs. This way we can best:

  • align business and industry analytical needs with modern technology solutions
  • broaden the horizons of our business professionals with tech mindset and technology experts with domain industry knowledge
  • overcome knowledge boundaries, trigger creativity, and inspire innovation.

We find it very important that the teams working on the project possess multidisciplinary knowledge, have superb skills at solving complex analytical challenges and are always supported by industry experts, speaking your language.

Another beneficial result that is worth mentioning is our pre-defined business and industry solutions, such as profitability for the banking industry, planning for the telco sector, IFRS framework for insurance, dashboard templates for various business areas. These solutions are tailored to the specifics and pain points of your industry and can be easily adjusted to meet your company needs. Not to mention they save you a lot of time on implementation.