SqlDBM is an Online Data Modeling Tool for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL & MySQL. It offers an intuitive and smart data modeling interface, absolutely anywhere on any browser, without any need at all for the expensive commercial tools that are the current norms. And not simply drag and drop – SqlDBM does the heavy lifting for you by understanding all your database rules and incorporating all your database constraints within the modeling process. Data models generated automatically in SqlDBM provide a simple, graphical display as a way to visualize complex database structures. Use SqlDBM to design and manage both large and small databases and data models on the fly.

SqlDBM is not only useful for designing and modeling databases. You can also utilize it for the creation and visualization of data warehouses. This great tool simplifies warehouse design and dimensional modeling by enabling data warehouse modelers and administrators to design and manage warehouses from an enterprise logical model.