“15 years ago…

a data architect, analyst, and an ETL developer walked into a bar…”

It’s not exactly how it happened but it was definitely a passion for data that brought us together. And it continues to do so.
We live it, we breathe it. And we are recognized for it.
We learned long ago, that it takes more than one for data to come alive and be of use. It needs a diverse set of professionals of various know-hows and different backgrounds. Luckily, more of us walked into that bar!

Three power streams meet in our hub – technology, business and industry expertise. Data engineers, architects, business analysts, data scientists and project managers all blending into a distinct mix known as In516ht. Together, we have the power to transform, unleash the power of data, and create stories that shape the future for the businesses of tomorrow.

Yes, we are all about data. However, without a dedicated expert team like ours, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

An organization can grow in many ways, not just by its market share or its income. It grows by guiding its individuals to develop and learn. It evolves by connecting, sharing, and diving into new challenges together with like-minded teams like yours. This is something that neither of us can buy or enforce.
However, we can cultivate it, let it thrive, and cherish our growing community.