As a leading Slovenian partner we are helping our clients getting the most out of their investment in Tableau.

Tableau is the most popular and user-friendly data visualization tool that helps people explore, see and understand their data quickly, easily and meaningfully. It’s a business intelligence platform and as such, a fundamental tool for any organization that would like to analyze its massive volumes of data, that would be otherwise difficult to digest. It has the power to simplify raw data into an easily understandable format with zero technical skills and coding knowledge. Created dashboards and worksheets can be understood by a professional at any level in an organization.

Because of its simplicity and user-frendlines, it was quickly adopted by wide range of experts in in various businesses, industries and organisations as well as research institutions. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau as you can connect and visualize your data in minutes. Tableau is 10- to 100-times faster than other existing solutions.

The visualizations can be made with an intuitive drag and drop feature that anyone can use. You can connect it to almost any database, and share with a click to colleagues, partners, or customers.

Furthermore, it even allows you to combine multiple views of data to get a richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

You’re not limited only to structured data either. From spreadsheets and databases to cloud services, you can explore any data regardless of where it is stored. Furthermore, you can easily convert your geographical data into maps and sophisticated charts that are easy to understand.

Share insights quickly and effectively and use data governance to make sure that the right people see the right data.

Based on our rich experience, combined with in-depth business and industry-specific know-how, we can help you to design and build intuitive and meaningful dashboards based on relevant metrics and scorecards that take people on a journey. These range from executive dashboards representing the big picture of relevant strategic KPIs to more detailed reports with deeper insight available through drill-down.

End-User Adoption and Training

We organize different courses, like Tableau for beginners, Tableau for advanced users, Best practices for developing visual analytics with Tableau and custom workshops tailored to your organization’s needs.

Tableau Mentoring

If you are already using Tableau, one of our certified experts can work with a small group of Tableau users at your organization to share best practices and tips and tricks on how to develop meaningful data visualizations. If you need a subject matter expert in Tableau, our consultants can help you with a dashboard design review or address the dashboard performance challenge.

Tableau User Group Slovenia

We host the Tableau User Group Slovenia, because we believe in sharing information and spreading knowledge. You are welcomed to join our online community where we share Tableau tips and quarterly TUG gathering over beer and pizza.