The project that changes your game entirely

Business intelligence, if managed properly, is the most powerful asset of every organization because it helps steer the business in the right direction by making the right decisions that are supported by data. Results are shown as staggering benefits – such as lower costs, higher productivity, new market opportunities, greater profitability, just to name a few. But does your team have what it takes?

85% of BI projects fail

Get this – the problem isn’t technology, although a part of the problem is that the majority is focused solely on it. You can’t blame your data either, as we’re sure you have heaps! But do you know where you have it? How to get it all together and organize it so it’s neat and tidy and use the one that will be of value?

Analytics projects continue to represent one of the biggest challenges of any organization. Poor methodology and a lack of skilled professionals. No wonder – IT teams (especially small ones with a limited budget) can’t scale as fast as big data does and learn as quickly as new technologies emerge. Consolidating and integrating data from all internal and external systems has never been more difficult than today. Data needs to be extracted and properly transformed before being loaded to a data warehouse so that the data model can be built upon it for analytics to analyse the data and get value out of it.

Why managed service?

Because you don’t want to overspend on hardware and software license fees for on-premise solutions and databases. Also because you can leave your worries to the team who’s done it hundreds times before. Leverage all the benefits of us managing your data and analytics solutions – lower cost, lower risk, greater efficiency and ease of mind. With our fully managed end-to-end service, we have you covered through all of the steps of a modern analytics platform. We will lead you through the whole process and help you speed up implementation time without worrying about data integration, infrastructure and performance tuning. This way you can enjoy peace of mind while concentrating on your core business and making the most value out of your data.

What is included?

Modern cloud-based data warehouse represents the foundation of our offering. If you don’t have BI analysts, our team of data experts is at your disposal to help you create smart interactive visualisations. If your needs exceed that, we are happy to dive deep into data science use cases. It is up to you to choose what you need and when you need it. Below are some capabilities that you can expect from our managed service:

  • A pragmatic step-by-step plan that gets you enjoying the benefits of data warehouse modernization much sooner, with no risk running on Azure CloudPlatform.
  • Modern data architecture. It consists of a Snowflake data lake and/or data warehouse – depending on your analytics and data science requirements.
  • Data warehouse and data marts modeling according to the most suitable methodology and preparation of a data dictionary.
  • Best-in-class data integration process and methodology. Solutions from our Innovation lab tailored to your needs, so we can quickly and seamlessly integrate and consolidate all relevant internal and external data sources. By combining the power of automation with a metadata-driven approach, you get results that are 10-times faster than traditional methods.
  • Modern BI tool to create smart, interactive dashboards and detailed reports. Choose between Tableau and Power BI.
  • Use of our best-practice templates for different industry-specific dashboards or predictive analytics use cases.
  • Implementation of various data science and machine learning applications to drive analytics innovation and increase its business impact.
  • User training and knowledge transfer – our know-how that is passed down to your team.