#1 Simplifying workflow with Parsaur

Parsaur simplifies collaboration. Its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless coordination between team members, allowing them to adjust translation settings, track results, as well as to export and deploy the translated files.

#2 The reality is, that not all code is 100% supported

Parsaur supports translations from any source database to any target database. Since this is quite a hefty task, sooner or later you will come across something that is not yet supported.

#3 Project Complexity Evaluation

Before undertaking larger projects, we want to determine the complexity of the syntax in order to obtain an estimate of the scope of the work in advance.

#4 Customization of the Translation Process

The translation process in Parsaur is not strictly determined; it is defined and adjusted in detail in accordance with the client’s needs.

#5 Object renaming

During the migration process it is common that the customer wishes to adjust database object names for the new environment.

#6 Complex translation pattern example no.1

During the translation of the MS SQL database to Snowflake, we encountered four distinct forms of the IF statement that serve the same purpose.

#7 Complex translation pattern example no.2

A code conversion example with MS SQL’s MERGE statement.