Customer satisfaction survey


The results are in. We are deeply committed to our customers and their feedback is essential for our continuous improvement. The numbers are pushing over 9 (out of 10) according to our latest customer survey. No matter how much we are a data-oriented company, we found true joy in reading their comments:

“Very good cooperation of your team with ours, you openly listen to our ideas, good implementation, great suggestions, and solutions.”

“Cooperation correctness, professional team with the ability of a broader view. I appreciate your readiness to solve our challenges (even outside the planned scope).”

“The proposed solutions were an added value for us, as you identified the optimal way to graphically display our data based on your experience in the various fields you cover.”

We see this as one of the biggest rewards for our work and the results are empowering us to be even better in the years to come!

Find the results further down the page, but before that read some of the most creative answers we’ve got on our question “How would you describe us in a sentence?

I can describe you with one word – different…in the most positive way.

Mediators between people and data

Positively innovative

The Data Masters.