In516ht is partnering at Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour in Dubai


We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Data Cloud World Tour in Dubai! This not-to-be-missed event will showcase the latest developments in data, apps and AI.

The Data Cloud World Tour aims to help you build a robust data-driven strategy and discover new ways to collaborate on data. If you are a data engineer, data scientist, executive ( IT ) or business leader, this event will provide invaluable insights into how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can integrate all your data while handling a range of analytical workloads.

Expect exciting discussions on:

  • The future of generative AI and LLMs
  • Leveraging Apache Iceberg within Snowflake
  • Extending data capabilities with Snowpark Container Services
  • And much more!

Who should attend
Whether you are new to Snowflake or an existing customer, there are a variety of sessions to choose from. As a partner, we have special access to the event and are excited to share this opportunity with you.

Highlights of the event
During the event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how industry peers are advancing their data initiatives
  • Learn how to run your organization’s most critical workloads on a fully managed global platform
  • Learn about the latest innovations in data, apps and AI
  • Choose from a series of breakout sessions led by Snowflake customers, experts and partners like us
  • Network with leading data experts in the field and learn how to get even more value from your data

Event Details

  • Cost: Free of charge
  • Location: Palm West Beach – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

We can’t wait to see you there!