Data-driven bank: 360-degree view of profitability


As many banks find it difficult to calculate the profitability at a granular level of each arrangement or transaction, the presentation focuses on a modern approach to address these challenges. 

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Get familiar with our solution, supported by a strong analytical database that was built to empower business users. Meaning, that once it is configured, the controlling department can manage the whole process by themselves.

We will present the concept behind the solution and conclude with best practise to tackle this kind of project. You will learn how easy it is to:

  • Set up custom multi-level contribution margin schema and any classification or hierarchy through which you want to analyse profitability (i.e. organization unit, product, business segment, customer, arrangement…).
  • Define various multi-step allocation rules that are used by a powerful calculation engine to automatically allocate cost and revenue from the source down to any levels of the selected dimensions.


Grega Jerkič, In516ht
CEO and solution architect

Simona Mravlje, In516ht
Senior consultant with a background in banking