Netezza to Snowflake migration


As one of the premium Snowflake partners in Europe, working 15 years with Netezza, we share our know-how in migrating Netezza to Snowflake.

In its heyday, Netezza was a very popular on-premise data warehouse appliance and others could barely match its performance. But as we witnessed the rise of cloud computing, Netezza somehow couldn’t keep up with the pace and progress of its emerging competitors that were built from the ground up for the cloud. Not to be misunderstood – we think Netezza is great in many ways, but if you want a premium Netezza Performance Server service that is part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data, it will come with premium cost.

And that’s the biggest pain Netezza users experience, besides the fact that compute and storage are still tightly coupled, which brings concurrency issues, and it also struggles with semi-structured data. The cloud offers elegant solutions, can easily handle much larger amounts of data, and to top it, it is as well wallet-friendly. It is no wonder that Snowflake Data Cloud opened a new world with its advanced data analytics capabilities. It delivers high performance, simplicity, flexibility and affordability. Unlike Netezza, Snowflake has completely separate storage and compute. The latter scales up and out with just one click. It processes reports and analytics at lightning speed because its modern cloud architecture is built around the separation of resources, which allows it to scale effectively and efficiently.

But many are still hesitant to take the plunge and move to the cloud. Migration means hard work and so many things can go wrong.

How do you make the switch, what awaits you in Pandora’s Box, and how can you make the transition as smooth and painless as possible?

At In516ht, we have been working with Netezza for over 15 years and are also one of the leading Snowflake partners in Europe. Our strategic focus for the past few years has been on modernizing existing data platforms with a cloud-first strategy. We have spent a lot of time establishing and optimizing the best practice approach for development, modernization and migration projects on Snowflake Data Cloud.