Oracle Exadata to Snowflake migration


Oracle is among the leading database management systems for running online transaction processing and data warehousing systems. However, with the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data that is at our disposal for modern analytics, Oracle offers limited scalability to support increasing workloads.

Snowflake Data Cloud on the other hand scales in a way that’s simply not possible to do with Oracle. By separating compute from storage, Snowflake automatically and instantly scales with its multi-cluster, shared architecture. It provides access to a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users and applications while ensuring that performance is not diminished. As compared to traditional solutions such as Oracle, Snowflake enables data to be stored in a common location at a fraction of the cost.

Despite the widespread use of Oracle and the availability of Oracle talent, many business applications are moving away from Oracle and onto Snowflake not only for the superior scalability but also for other benefits that distinguish Snowflake from traditional Oracle environments.

There are quite a few challenges on your way, but nothing is impossible. Listen to our senior consultant Maja Ferle and our CEO Grega Jerkic on yet another, insightful deep-dive.

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Maja Ferle, Senior Consultant

Grega Jerkič, Senior Consultant and CEO

Klemen Logar, Head of Sales