Benefits and Key Features

Easy to use

Whole data movement processing is defined with standard SQL syntax.

Bulk loads

Data is imported into the destination in batches.

Parallel execution

antFarm was developed for speed and efficiency.


The more hardware resources you add, the faster execution you get.


Detailed configurable logging and reporting are available out-of-the box.

Serial execution

(streaming) for processing and synchronization


Target tables, data types conversion and ETL queries are automatically generated.

Completely open solution

antFarm can be integrated into any data integration tool or main scheduler, etc. Airflow. You can run any kind of SQL processes (operations). It can be simply extended to include new data sources, destinations and loaded data processing.

Any custom process

You can run any kind of SQL or Python processes (operations).

In a single day you can

Lift’n’shift data from 100+ source tables to the target destination.

Take remote training and gain knowledge of how antFarm works.

Install and configure antFarm.