Our data warehouse automation platform is allowing a smarter way to integrate your data into a modern data warehouse.

DataMerlin introduces a modern approach to solving complex data integration challenges. It is a platform composed of proven methodology, built-in technical expertise, best practices and tools that automate the ETL / ELT process as much as possible.

Why have we developed DataMerlin?

Building a data warehouse, the traditional way or by yourself can be challenging, error-prone, and time-consuming. On our journey, we’ve built many. As ETL / ELT development takes the largest portion (up to 80%) of the data warehouse implementation, many tasks along the way are repetitive. With each new implementation, we tried to speed up the processes and to automate the chores that are needed to be done over and over again on any DWH project.
And each time we did that a bit better than before.

This is how, throughout years of development, DataMerlin was born. At first, it was simply a tool that would help our team do the job faster and more efficiently. Along the way of this evolution, we incorporated best practices gained in more than 150 enterprise data warehousing projects.

Build a modern data warehouse effortlessly

By combining the power of data warehouse automation with a metadata-driven approach, you get exceptional results in comparison to building a data warehouse the traditional way or by yourself.

Not to mention intangible benefits like:

  • 10-times faster implementation
  • 10-times lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced dependence on development resources
  • Higher consistency (ETL error handling, ETL notifications, metadata for data load)
  • Minimum risk

Key Features and Capabilities

DataMerlin offers support through the whole implementation lifecycle, from data modelling and data mapping, to ETL development, deployment and maintenance.

Built-in best modelling practices

Our Data Warehouse Automation Platform supports various modelling techniques (Kimball, Super-Sub Type, Anchor, Data Vault) and out-of-the-box automation templates which can be fully customisable to tailor to any methodology.

Any source and any target

DataMerlin enables you to quickly and easily map the data from any source to any target. Unlimited number of data staging areas are supported.

ETL/ELT automation

DataMerlin fully supports the ETL process with SQL code generator, auto generated database objects and ETL jobs for leading data integration tools.

Fully documented

ETL documentation is auto-generated and always up-to-date.

End-to-end data lineage

DataMerlin helps you understand the origins of data used in reports and analysis.

Sophisticated impact analysis

With DataMerlin you can identify the consequences of new enhancements on current implementation within seconds.

Improved data quality

DataMerlin enables automated technical tests and business rules including the “compare source data against target data” feature.