Order of Operations in Tableau


At the Tableau conference in London, we learned about Tableau’s order of operations also known as the query pipeline. It tells us how Tableau performs various actions/operations. As we know, many operations apply filters, which means that as you build a view and add filters, those filters always execute in the order established by the order of operations.

For the successful development of a dashboard, it is crucial to understand the order of operations.

The picture below represents different operations in Tableau and their order. For example, if you want to use sets and filter data before that, you should use a context filter. You can also see, that fixed LOD happens before dimension filters. But include and exclude LOD happens after dimension filters. Measure filters are after that and on top of everything are table calculations. So you can use the table calculation filter if you would like to filter data after all operations.

Full article is available here: Tableau’s Order of Operations.