Overwhelmed by Big Data?


Dive into Snowflake Cloud Data Platform series, Part 1

In short, Big Data is a term used for a collection of data from traditional and digital sources. Those are served for the process of analysing to discover valuable information and finding certain patterns that could help make better decisions.

Many businesses today are realising the power that carries their data. It holds the access to valuable information and has the potential of a great competitive advantage. That power is insight, it’s the knowledge backed up by detailed analysis. It can skyrocket the businesses and transform organizations. It can tackle the big issues – from fighting climate change and criminal rates to early diagnoses of cancer and preventing death relating cases before they occur as well as empowering businesses with amazing advantages.

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”.

Economist report, 2017

You’ve probably heard it.  It says a lot about the importance and the power data has today. And just like oil used to run technologies of the former century, data is the engine of today. Yet if things were easy, everybody would do it, right? There’s the flip side of the coin.

The problem of the big data is that is, well, big. Organizations have stored their data for decades, but what changed is its extensive volume and complexity. Before most of the data would come from internal resources and as such would easily fit into system. But with internet a new kind of data started to flow in, and it was coming from wide array of sources. There are the websites, mobile phones, applications, sensors, even machines. Greater volumes and more complex data arrived. The ability to access the information from a plethora of sources also created a qualitative change in the way we analyze it.

So, the big pain for many companies today is the weight of their data. They have heaps of it laying around, piling up with no real structure. Legacy data warehouses, which traditionally stored the data, were built for different era. They can now easily crash under the weight of this evolving data tsunami. Therefore forget about complex queries or, at least, be ready for hours, maybe even days of waiting for a return. All off a sudden, so much of such a valuable source of information around you. But with no proper plan, strategy or tools, one can feel overwhelmed in a world where all modern companies place analytics in the core of every activity and are arming teams with the BI & analytical tools to better understand their business.

This is why so many companies still haven’t boarded onto a wave of opportunities that this new kind of information is bringing. Ever thought of why are not all enterprises evolving with the same speed as their data growth?

Think of pre-oil era in Dubai. Sitting on top of huge amounts of oil, it didn’t mean that they are rich.  They were drilling around town in order to find the way to the source. When they found it, it still didn’t mean they are rich. Besides oil, hard work was needed to get Dubai growing. And it’s the same with data. Drilling, digging, mining…and then putting together in a clear and sustainable system. It’s hard work.

This is where we come in to help you. The bigger and messier it is, the better challenge we get. With over 150 projects under our hat, you’ll partner up with masters of the trade. Our dedicated team will lead you through the stormy waters of the project without you getting wet.

Alongside the right solutions, you will find how to gain control over your data. So there’s this tool you must have already heard of. It can help you do this hard core “21st century drilling”. It’s fast, simple, cost effective, extremely safe, and easy to use. And yes – a place, where you could store your semi-structured data, alongside your relational data really does exists. It scales in seconds no matter the volume. That place will have your hours of waiting for return on query turning into seconds. Since it has zero administration and management, you can start getting answers in no time.

The answer is in the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

In case you haven’t heard of it, let us quickly update you that Snowflake is the most mind-boggling cloud data platform you can currently find on the market. Founded in 2012 by three data warehousing experts, it was built from the ground up for the cloud and as such revolutionized the data warehousing world. If you’d like to know more about it stay with us. As proud Snowflake partners we will take you through the Snowflake story step by step. And first thing we need to learn is about Data Warehouse: What it is and why you need one?

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