PROFITability 5.16 consists of three layers:

Web-based application

Application is the core component and the entry point where you define all the meta-data (e.g. classifications and profitability components), create business rules for allocations and do the data mapping.

Analytical database/platform with the profitability data mart

To be able to get quick results and have the ability to do what-if scenarios on billions of data rows, all the processing, including allocation and profitability calculation, is done with a specialized analytical database. The solution comes with a predefined data mart, where all the data from source systems is imported, calculated, transformed and written back.

Reporting and ad-hoc analysis

Final results, including all relevant data for reporting and analysis purposes, are loaded into the data mart (in fact and dimension tables) where they can be accessed by any analytical tool.

IBM edition

IBM edition of the PROFITability 5.16 is tightly integrated with IBM products:

  • Predefined reports and dashboards are embedded in the PROFITability 5.16 through IBM Cognos Analytics.
  • IBM Integrated Analytics System or IBM Netezza Performance Server is used as an analytical database platform to process billions of data rows.
  • IBM Infosphere is used for data governance and IBM DataStage is used to import any kind of source data into the analytical platform.
  • The whole solution is tightly integrated with IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse models.