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The data movement and data quality control solution

A cutting-edge data movement and quality control framework is designed to meet your daily data integration needs for your new modern data cloud platform.

Seamlessly move data and ensure its quality and integrity throughout the process, and empower your data engineers team to achieve efficient and reliable data integration.

Use Cases

On one of our projects, we used antFarm to migrate an Oracle Exadata database with approximately 50 TB of data. Our primary objective was to perform the migration over the weekend, just before going live with the new solution.
During the migration, we had to perform several data loads to ensure that various teams could work on other migration tasks such as code conversion, ETL modernization, BI migration, and more. AntFarm enabled us to handle these loads with ease and ensured that our migration process was seamless and efficient.


Code conversion and lineage platform

Parsaur translates code from the Oracle SQL dialect to Snowflake, converting the Oracle-specific capabilities and features that are the toughest nut to crack. Translating an existing SQL table DDL statement to Snowflake is something you can easily accomplish with expertise and the "Find + Replace" feature in any text editor. Converting a particular SQL stored procedure or PLSQL package to the Snowflake platform, on the other hand, can be a much more difficult problem.

The ability to solve such challenges represent the core on which Parsaur was built.

By automating what would otherwise be manual processes, we can reduce conversion time by at least 80% and provide standardization, greater code consistency, and a lower lower error probability.

Tailored to your needs

Parsaur's Oracle library is extensive and, most importantly, agile; we can tailor it to each individual customer. This also means that it has the ability to extend and modify translation patterns based on different modelling techniques. These patterns can include Oracle specifics such as global variables in packages, updating a table using a correlated subquery, return values of stored procedures, etc.

In addition to the usual syntax translation, we can also include custom metadata information in the translations. For example, database object renaming patterns, case sensitivity, source database schema information, etc. This way, we can create a complete lineage of the original code that can be used to enrich the transformation logic.

Use Case

The effort to convert thousands of Oracle views and hundreds of PL SQL procedures to Snowflake was estimated at over 1000 man-days. With Parsaur and our code conversion team, we were able to shorten the steps and perform detailed testing in less than 200 man-days.

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